Handwritten notes are not obsolete

A handwritten note confirms the importance of a relationship. Taking the time to send a thoughtful note shows that you cherish a relationship and want to invest in it. This cannot only strengthen a friendship or a marriage, but it enhances loyalty with clients and business partners as well. The perks you get from actually writing a note out by hand is gratitude and happiness. Custom note cards / custom greeting cards are a great addition to your personalized stationery collection — and you’ll never need another store-bought card to say thank you, congratulations, best wishes, or just hello. My handmade note cards are made with love

Clouds Over the Cross

This photograph was taken at the very beginning of the pandemic lockdown in March 2020 in Napa, California. To me, this image represented the faith, acceptance and assurance that we all would surely need with this universal storm that loomed large for over a year.

This photograph is Available as a 5×7, 8×10 print with a white matt, or as a 4×6 white notecard. Click on “Order Prints” in the menu bar.

Photo Note Cards

For photo enthusiasts, there is nothing better than an image that says a thousand words. Choose from the many categories I have: Nature inspired; oceans & beaches; sunsets & sunrises; garden art; cute animals; wildlife; clouds; crows & birds; trees; seasons and cacti photography.

Choose your favorite photo, your favorite color paper and size and voila, it becomes a personalized note card for you.

Unique Handmade Note Cards

I started off taking photographs back in the 70’s. Then they became note cards starting in the 90’s. Today over 40 years later, I am creating original and unique note cards for special occasions. These are limited editions, so if you want something, order it asap. If I don’t have something in stock, send me an email and tell me what kind of customized note card you are looking for and I will create it specifically for your needs.