We are Kat & Z. I take photographs and turn them into notecards with my assistant and chief squirrel chaser Zoey. We live in Napa CA.

I have been photographing images of nature, animals and people since 1974. Originally from Boise, Idaho, my family moved to the Washington, DC area when I was 15. I ended up moving around a lot and have lived in 12 states, including 3 years in Brussels, Belgium. I got into photography when I was in Europe, and that was where my passion grew and took off.

I decided to share my work in the late 1990’s creating beautiful note cards and prints of my work to those who are inspired by a captivating image that draws them into the moment.

Living in California has been inspirational just by the sheer opportunities to capture nature and animals in a way that will hopefully affect you just as profoundly as the moment I came upon it. A photograph that tells the truth will make you feel something.  It is my desire that my photographs inspire you and move you.

My photographs showcase some of my favorite photos including flowers, trees, birds, clouds and little animal friends. I have turned them into notecards for you to purchase for yourself or to give as a gift for others. They are great for any occasion, left blank to write a quote or a poem or just to say “Hi.”

I also make and produce unique and original handmade note cards that are made in small batches.

To read a notecard is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.

Love Kat & Z